Pixgallery.ca, photography.

A limited series of black and white pictures. I have worked on that set of photographs to provide a distinctive and tainted tones, adapted to them.

Some pictures are available to buy on the Saatchi Art website.

It is a series of photographs where I focused on the composition, often related to the lighting , locations and people.


An interesting discovery after few years of photography... I recently tried the infrared Ilford film company SFX200...

This set of photographs were taken during different trips or at events that presented a personal interest.

The photographs presented are either digital or film-based.

A special edition of photographs. They were taken at the 2018 New Year's Eve in Montreal, QC Canada . That day was so cold that I had to remove and protect  the battery power pack regulary in order to be able, later, to shoot with a long time exposure.

This edition of pictures is available to buy on the Saatchi Art website.

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