Born in France, living in Montreal, Canada Images have always fascinated me. Being able to manipulate them really brought me to love Photography. Indeed, I started my adventurous and charming photographer’s life by developing a lot of black and white negatives and as often photographs on paper were not so good but sometimes surprising. It’s right to say the shooting has always been the heart of my work but without the photo development laboratory step, my curiosity as well as my endless interest for Photography should not have been so strong.

For many years, I organized my work on two pillars which are the basis of my pictures’ production: balance and aesthetic. With a balanced composition and an aesthetic shooting or capture, I try to create my personal harmony through my black and white or colour’s photographs. I have to say I am an eclectic photographer in a way that my work isn’t limited to specific subjects but I admit outdoor photography is my favorite playground. Nature is so impressive, raw, colorful and changing that I cannot be unimpressed by.

Also, I couldn’t forget to mention influences from various artists from the Visual Arts world. Photographers Raymond Depardon and Ansel Adams, filmmakers Terrence Malick and Alejandro González Iñárritu through their various Directors of Photography and the painter and sculptor Edgar Degas. From them, intuitively they inspired and perhaps helped me to improve or adjust my work.

Jean Bonnard

Passion Business

2016-                  Free lance photographer

Core Business

2006-2019          Analyst and Information Technology Integrator


1988                   Bachelor of Science (Electricity) (Paris XI University, France)

Photographic experience

1983-2015          Self-study in Photography


I started as a laboratory assistant, developing  negatives and printing black and white pictures at Paris XI University (Orsay, France). My first camera was a Mamiya ZE.


During my military duties (17 th RCS), I participated in video montages and shot footages as a photographer

2014-2015            Diplôma in Photography (in English) (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
2014                      CEPH 109 CAMERA I - VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS
2015                      CEPH 220 PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY I

Photographic Gears


1991           Pentax MX (24 x 36 film)
2003           Pentax MZ - 5n (24 x 36 film)
2009           Canon G10 (digital)
2017           Pentax K3-II (digital)

Photographic lenses

28mm          SMC Pentax f :3.5
50mm          SMC Pentax-M f :1.7
135mm        SMC Pentax-M f :3.5
16-50mm     SMC Pentax-DA EF ID f :2.8

Processing softwares

ADOBE           Photoshop Elements 11
ADOBE           Photoshop CS4
DxO                FilmPack 4
DxO                 Optics Pro 9
IRFANVIEW           Irfanview 4.38

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Shutterstock contribution


Wikimedia contribution


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