Chicago suburbs: Oak Park

My visit to Oak Park the suburbs of Chicago in Illinois


I visited this area of ​​Chicago with a curious state of mind while saying to myself that it would be a little common, having not read too detailed information on what I was going to discover ...

Wandering in the streets, I did not cease to be amazed by the houses present there. For my readers, I discovered Architecture having worked as a computer scientist in an architectural firm in Montreal, Qc, Canada. So while looking at the plans, the models and the simulations of conceptions, I appreciated the complexity of what is, for me, a form of Art.

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Oak Park and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright (Source:

Born in Wisconsin in 1867, Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized as the greatest architect in American history. He became the object of a true cult. He owes the concept of organic architecture.

Over the course of his long and fruitful career, he has drawn over a thousand buildings, including the Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum. He also created furniture and accessories, wrote about twenty books and set up an architecture school in the Arizona desert. He died in 1959, leaving behind a major work.

Although Frank Lloyd Wright's career has spread over some 70 years and his style has evolved over time, it is nevertheless possible to identify characteristics peculiar to his architectural approach.

Wright develops the concept of organic architecture, which is defined not by an imitation of nature, but rather by respect for materials and a willingness to integrate human constructions and the environment into a harmonious whole.

This is the case of Fallingwater, one of his most famous creations, which is built in a fall.

His works:

  • Robie House (Chicago, 1909, "Prairie Style" inspirational masterpiece
  • His own house in Oak Park, Illinois
  • The Unity Temple (church in Oak Park)
  • Guggenheim Museum (New York, last work of the architect, official monument of the New Yorker architectural heritage)
  • Fallingwater (Mill Run, Pennsylvania (1936), the most famous house in the United States after the White House, with an integrated fall from the house)
  • Johnson Wax Headquarters (Racine, Wisconsin)
  • Usonian (type of affordable homes for the American middle class. Wright called the U.S. Usonia)
  • Taliesin West (Scottsdale, Arizona, his last home that will house the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and his special school where about thirty students are studying in the wilderness)
  • Imperial Hotel (Tokyo)


Before being known, Frank Lloyd Wright was wiping the critics of his competitors: they called his service station houses.


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House of Arthur B. Huertley (OAK I )

House of Walter M. Gale (OAK II)

House of Edward R. Hills (OAK III)

House of Nathan G. Moore (OAK IV)

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