Passion Business

2016-                  Free lance photographer; Shutterstock member

Core Business

2006-2017          Analyst and Information Technology Integrator


1988                   Bachelor of Science (Electricity) (Paris XI University, France)

Photographic experience

1983-2015          Self-study in Photography


I started as a laboratory assistant, developing  negatives and printing black and white pictures at Paris XI University (Orsay, France). My first camera was a Mamiya ZE.


During my military duties (17 th RCS), I participated in video montages and shot footages as a photographer

2014-2015            Diplôma in Photography (in English) (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada)
2014                      CEPH 109 CAMERA I – VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS
2015                      CEPH 220 PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY I

Photographic Gears


1991           Pentax MX (24 x 36 film)
2003           Pentax MZ – 5n (24 x 36 film)
2009           Canon G10 (digital)
2017           Pentax K3-II (digital)

Photographic lenses

28mm          SMC Pentax f :3.5
50mm          SMC Pentax-M f :1.7
135mm        SMC Pentax-M f :3.5
16-50mm     SMC Pentax-DA EF ID f :2.8

Processing softwares

ADOBE           Photoshop Elements 11
ADOBE           Photoshop CS4
DxO                FilmPack 4
DxO                 Optics Pro 9
IRFANVIEW           Irfanview 4.38

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