Black and White

A limited series of black and white pictures. I have worked on that set of photographs to provide a distinctive and tainted tones, adapted to them.

Some pictures are available to buy on the Saatchi Art website.

A street view in Chicago

A beautiful black and white street view of Chicago. This photograph was taken downtown, near the “Loop”.


A mountains’ view of the Northern Pakistan

A landscape photograph taken during a trek along the Karakoram range of mountains.


Valparaiso Street Art

A picture taken during a short visit in Valparaiso, Chile. This city is a really nice place to visit and I was impressed by the numerous murals showed there.


Montreal’ St-Joseph Oratory view

A beautiful photograph taken during a Winter walk in Montreal. The St-Joseph Oratory was just behind the statue.


Montreal’ St-Joseph Oratory view

The ducks in Winter

A discovery of the Nature life in Winter onto the shore of the St Lawrence river in Montreal, Canada. This caption was taken in my early days in 2006.


The ducks in Winter

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